.:Reflection of Myself:.

♦A used-to-be Science student that is majoring in Accounting. *Long story, so no point asking why?!?*

♦Love making cards. *Cards I made are not perfect, there are some defects here and there but I do try improve every time I make them. So it's way better now as compared to few years back.*

♦Like to scribble on any sort of surface i.e. paper, table, etc. that I can find

♦Not an artist. *I don't get all the art people's thingy*

♦Love to get inspired. 

♦Scribbles down whatever I feel it's nice

♦Started of loving art because of my mum which used to be a graphic designer. First used art pens when I was 4 years old. Started tracing on light-table at 4-years-old too! 

♦As I grew older, I realize that tracing off some images just don't get you anywhere, so I started sketching small little things. 

♦I can't exactly draw portrait and stuff like that. I just like to go small on things. 

♦I'm especially into drawing cartoon-ic eyes, alphabets, funny looking creatures and etc. 

If you can't draw, you can scribble! Have Fun Scribblin' !!!