Saturday, 23 April 2011

.:Little Something About Me:.

Have you ever have this feeling where your hand just wants to scribble?

Well, if you scribble on the table, it'll be called Vandalism; but if I scribble on my own paper, what is it called? To me, it's SKETCHES (I may even be using the wrong art terms!).

Probably it may not be significant at this point of time, but I find that all these sketches represents a person in many ways. It may not be the attitude of a person but what's on the person's mind. Maybe one day, when you look back at what you have drawn, you'll have a good laugh. Well, it all depends I suppose.

Facts about ME:-

I am not a professional artist;
I am not an art student; instead I'm an ACCOUNTING student. (wrong major)
I have no background in arts at all;
I don't really know how to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop (so don't worry that I'll edit my photos, cuz I won't)
I am VERY BAD at drawing human hands and feet.

DESPITE that...

I just L♥VE drawing. I L♥VE making cards. I L♥VE sketching.

Doing all these really adds color to my life and much more laughter too.

Just like to share my "SKETCHES" with everyone. Hope you will like it.

I'm willing to take comments so that I can improve on my "SKETCHES".


Till then peeps! Adios!

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