Sunday, 24 April 2011

.:What I did in one hour tutorial class:.

The general rule when you go for classes is to 'listen to the lecturer', 'pay attention in class', 'take note of important points' and the list goes on. 

But it usually very hard for me if I don't move my hand i.e. scribbling. In order for me to concentrate and not daydream in class, I'll do small scribbles in part of my notes, sometimes it makes it more interesting. Don't you think you? 

When you're doing your revision, with all the little friend/fiends that you've drawn, isn't it more entertaining? Probably you'll giggle a little when you look at them.

So here are some of the little friend that I drew during an hour of accounting tutorial. 

Angry Bird Wannabe

Oh My! It's raining already. We're STUCKED!

Miss Penguin 

Mr. Goaty having a go on my notes!

SnoopDy - inspired by my tag on my pencil case.

Squirrel + Woodstock = Squirstock!

Hope you guys like it. It's just for fun!

If you can't draw, you can scribble! Have Fun Scribblin' !!!

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